Police Department in Texas Accused of Sexual Harassment

Police department academy training can be intense for many Texas recruits, requiring them to exert and dedicate themselves. When sexual harassment occurs within a classroom setting, it may be difficult for the police to properly address and report the situation. An external investigation of the Dallas Police Department has been requested after two female trainees purportedly experienced sexual harassment.

One of the women has indicated that the harassment is ongoing and has left her with legitimate fears that she is no longer safe. The victim has asked for friends and relatives to stay with her to help ensure her safety. The man accused of sexually harassing the woman trains alongside her as another recruit at the police academy. The accusations of harassment include inappropriate text messages and media communication depicting the perpetrator's nude body. After asking the colleague to cease from his inappropriate communication, she continued to receive messages and poems.

The victim's legal representatives have questioned the intentions of the Dallas Police Department and are concerned that the efforts made to eradicate the problem have been minimized. The victim claims that when she approached superiors about her concerns and furnished evidence, she was met with adversity and was questioned if she needed to be removed from the current class. The woman may have experienced classroom retaliation and harassment in response to her complaints from both the trainers and superiors responsible for the academy.

Sexual harassment can be an uncomfortable situation for any employee in the state of Texas to experience. The Dallas Police Department is accused of failing to internally investigate the situation as required and of not adequately handling the problem. A victim has the right to seek help in pursuing a legal investigation in order to ensure that the harassment ends and that his or her professional position is not compromised.

Source: CBS DFW, "Call For Investigation Into Sexual Harassment Complaint At DPD Academy", J.D. Miles, May 19, 2014