Breach of Contract Cited in Texas Virtual Reality Lawsuit

Breach of contract has been cited in a Texas lawsuit involving the virtual reality gaming company known as Oculus. The lawsuit was filed by a company known as ZeniMax. A notice was formally given by the company in advance, and then they filed suit in a Texas court.

According to ZeniMax, one of their employees was instrumental in the development of a new virtual reality device that was made by Oculus. They claim that the founder of Oculus did not have anything more than a dream when he contacted their employee, but that the two were then able to work together to produce a functioning device.

Many different claims are being made in the lawsuit, all revolving around that same case. For one, ZeniMax says that trade secrets were taken and used when creating the virtual reality technology. On top of that, they say that both trademarks and copyrights were violated during the process. Finally, they are bringing up claims for breach of contract and related accusations.

For its part, Oculus has denied the claims, as was done back when the first notice was provided. They say that they will show that everything that is being alleged is false, that they did not steal from ZeniMax or its employees, and that they will prove it. This could mean that the case will take some time to resolve.

Former employees being accused of violating a contract need to know that they have rights and that they should not be intimidated by the size of a company when choosing to exercise those rights in any way.

Source: PC Gamer, "ZeniMax and id Software file lawsuit against Oculus VR for misappropriating trade secrets" Emanuel Maiberg, May. 21, 2014