Texas man files suit against former employer

A former employee of BAH Texas is suing his former employer for allegedly violating the Texas labor Code and Fair Labor Standards Act. The suit was filed on February 26. Reports suggest that he has already begun working with an attorney and is seeking damages and the costs and fees of litigation.

The man began working for BAH at Church's Fried Chicken in 2012, and alleges that he was required to work unreported hours since he began his employment. He also alleges that the store manager sexually harassed him, and as a result, the plaintiff was eventually forced to separate from his wife.

In addition, the man alleges that after the store manager fired him on Jan. 3, 2013, BAH Texas offered to reinstate him. He accepted the reinstatement but says that retaliation from local BAH employees made it difficult for him to continue his employment.

In this case, the plaintiff was allegedly fired and sexually harassed by his employer while also forcing the man to work without pay for an unspecified amount of time. State and federal laws exist to help protect employees from abusive workplace practices, and when these laws are broken, the employers may be legally reprimanded and are sometimes ordered to pay fines. The individuals who have suffered damages as a result of those unfair practices may be able to hold the employer liable for compensation. An attorney familiar with employment law may be able to help individuals facing similar retaliation and unfair practices understand their rights as employees and pursue compensation in civil court.

Source: The Southeast Texas Record, "BAH Texas sued by former employee", Whitney Brakken, March 05, 2014