Sexual harassment accusation from a female welder

In Texas, a female welder recently filed sexual harassment charges against her former employee. The woman was formerly employed by Gemma Power Systems LLC but was later fired. She claims she is a victim of sexual harassment committed by her boss.

The woman was a welder and was employed for a project that was intended to last for about two years. Not long after she began work, the project was cancelled one specific day because of weather conditions. The woman accompanied other Gemma Power Systems employees to a bar when they were unable to continue working.

Once they were at the bar, the Texas woman claims that she was the recipient of unwanted advances from her boss. He was supposedly being flirtatious against her wishes. He then asked her if she wanted to participate in inappropriate sexual acts. She claims that she turned him down immediately but was then subjected to unfair treatment while on the job. Her complaint regarding the behavior of her boss was filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Eventually the woman was fired, and she says that she was not given a reason. The company claims that she was fired because of poor work performance, but the woman says that her work was good and on par with other employees of the company. If it can be proven that the woman was fired because of the sexual harassment incident, she could be eligible for certain types of compensation. She could seek lost wages, emotional trauma and other expenses associated with the case. Victims of sexual harassment do not have to endure the aftermath of harassment alone.

Source: The Southeast Texas Record, Female welder sues former employer for sexual harassment, Thomas Kallies, March 6, 2014