Man files lawsuit against Wal-Mart for age discrimination

A former employee of Wal-Mart in Texas has filed a lawsuit claiming that the retail chain subjected him to age discrimination. He also claims that his former employer treated him differently because of a disability and eventually fired him for these reasons. The man is seeking lost wages and other monetary damages from the alleged discrimination.

The man also claims that his supervisor on the job called him "old" and made other inappropriate remarks. He asserts that he attempted to open a dialogue with the human resources department about his mistreatment but was not acknowledged. Over the course of his employment, he was diagnosed with diabetes. He says that his requests to be moved to another, more beneficial position, were denied because of his sickness. Eventually, he was fired by Wal-Mart for reasons that are not specified, and he believes his entire employment was compromised because of the discrimination he faced.

Conversely, Wal-Mart claims that he was not mistreated. Supposedly, the Texas man was offered a leave of absence when he was diagnosed with diabetes. The company also denies the allegations of age discrimination, stating that he was hired at 49 and later promoted.

Discrimination of any kind is unacceptable in the workplace. When an employee is subjected to inappropriate remarks about age, race, gender and more, it may be grounds for legal action. In this particular case, the man could be eligible for lost wages if he is able to prove that he lost his job for discriminatory reasons. When considering a lawsuit against an employer, it is important to have all documentation, proof and witness accounts in place.

Source: CBS DFW, North Texas Man, EEOC Sue Wal-Mart For Discrimination, No author, March 14, 2014