Fort Worth area educator suing for wrongful termination

A Fort Worth area educator claims that he is a victim of wrongful termination. The Texas man has taken legal action against the school system, and a trial over his termination is scheduled to begin shortly. Additionally, the man has added his name to a lawsuit against the school system for defamation and other issues.

The man claims that he was wrongfully terminated from his job as acting principal at Arlington Heights school in Texas. Additionally, the second lawsuit for defamation stems from actions of the school that he claims were damaging to his reputation. The plaintiff is seeking lost wages, emotional pain and suffering and other harmful consequences that he suffered after he was released from his position.

The circumstances seem complicated, but it appears that the trustees of the school system recorded and broadcasted a private meeting regarding a settlement for the termination lawsuit. Some of the comments made were degrading and embarrassing, according to the lawsuit. While it is not expressly clear why the man was terminated from his position as principal, it is suggested that it is because the plaintiff was a whistleblower against the school system.

Wrongful termination is unfair and may seem like an insurmountable issue. However, victims do have the right to take legal action against their former employer. It is acceptable to seek damages, lost wages and compensation for emotional suffering. This particular Texas case is an example of how an employee can fully exert his or her right to fight for justice. Every case is different, and the individual details should be considered before deciding to move forward with legal action.

Source: Fort Worth Weekly, School District Whistleblower Files Defamation Suit Against Superintendent, Eric Griffey, March 7, 2014