Texas School District Gets Attention for Race Discrimination

Race discrimination can be terrible for a victim to experience and can cause long-term emotional and professional damage. A person who has suffered harassment because of their ethnicity may question his or her rights as an employee. A Texas school district has been exposed to potential staff-led racism in the form of iconic decor used at a party and for deliberate racial discrimination against a former employee.

Reports claim that a teacher responsible for decorating for a staff's Western-themed party used a noose to complete the ambiance. The allegedly inappropriate symbol of early Western brutality was considered an obscene racial statement about past law and inequality. Although it was promptly removed, many people were offended and disturbed by the image.

This situation follows an investigation and lawsuit regarding race discrimination accusations against the district. A woman previously employed as a counselor filed a lawsuit against her former place of employment for unjust treatment and professional damage inflicted due to her ethnicity and age. Records indicate that the woman witnessed students experiencing race discrimination as well, and when she made attempts to end the problem, she experienced retaliation through coerced resignation. The counselor purportedly filed a discrimination complaint against her coworker and was asked to end her complaints.

The Texas school district began an internal investigation from both accusations to uncover any harassment or discrimination that may be present among staff or toward children. It claims it will provide ongoing training insensitivity to its staff in response to the lawsuit. A person who has experienced race discrimination while at work may seek action against the responsible party for pain and suffering and ensure that the abuse ceases.

Source: kxan.com, "Bastrop ISD employee hung noose for school staff party", Dawn Denny, June 12, 2014