Employer Retaliation Suit Against UPS for Alleged Discrimination

Prejudice and racial discrimination can be damaging in a work setting and create uncomfortable confrontations between staff. Laws in Texas exist to protect the integrity of workers and ensure they have the ability to perform their duties in an atmosphere of equality and respect free of employer retaliation. A group of employees and former workers recently brought a civil case against UPS for employer retaliation after they voiced their concerns regarding racial discrimination.

The workers listed three managers and the company as a whole in their suit alleging inappropriate display of racial prejudice near the office of a manager and mistreatment of employees. Following complaints to the human resources department, the men say they began to experience intimidating action from their superiors which threatened the integrity of their jobs and their self-dignity. Sources claim that the suit was filed after some of the men attempted to work through the problems with the company but were disregarded and avoided.

The victims believe they were reprimanded differently than workers of a different race when accused of breaking the rules while on the job. This included termination and resignation of their positions while at UPS. Records do not indicate the number of damages that the group wishes to collect from the company and the management they have accused.

Experiencing employer retaliation can be a terrifying experience for many Texas professionals. A person may feel they must choose between resignation or career deterioration when intimidated or threatened by superiors. Victims of workplace harassment or misconduct may wish to seek out information on available legal help when determining the best possible way to preserve their professional reputation and maintain financial security.

Source: burlesonstar.net, "8 UPS employees claim racial discrimination", Brett Barrouquere, June 10, 2014