Disabled Workers Suffered Abuse and Workplace Discrimination

Two Texas men who both suffer from mental impairment are the surviving victims of a situation that rendered them both helpless against workplace discrimination and abuse. A person who suffers oppression in the workplace may question their rights as an employee as they make the decision to speak up. The workplace discrimination that the abused workers suffered may have inflicted lifelong difficulties on the men.

The two men remember living in what they described as a very cruel environment where they worked as turkey gutters for producers. They were employed to gut and package freshly killed turkeys by hand, which were then distributed to grocers. The impaired victims were compensated $65 monthly by employers for their difficult work.

The men were originally sent to work at the turkey farm through a state program intended to help the disabled develop skills to be productive members of society. Reports indicate that the men and their other impaired colleagues were housed in poor conditions, converted from a dilapidated dormitory. Their former employer has been accused of rendering punishment to workers when management was displeased with their performance, which included physical abuse and mistreatment.

The recent ruling in a civil suit determined that the men had been taken advantage of due to their disabilities. The federal government spearheaded the lawsuit for workplace discrimination and abuse that resulted in a jury handing down a multi-million-dollar ruling. A Texas employee who becomes a victim of discrimination while at work may look for guidance in reporting the misconduct and chose to seek justice for their personal damages.

Source: dfw.cbslocal.com, "Texans Still Recovering After "Cruel" Life On Iowa Turkey Farm", Jack Douglas Jr. and Ginger Allen, June 19, 2014