Texas Man May Have Suffered Employer Retaliation for Compassion

Experiencing employer retaliation for a choice or decision to help another person at work can be difficult for a person to understand. A victim of workplace mistreatment may seek help in understanding their rights and how to make the harassment stop. A Texas man employed as a security supervisor at a military base recently made accusations against management for employer retaliation.

He was initially involved in a workplace situation where a colleague had been assaulted by a military chaplain. After an investigation, the military chaplain was found guilty and sentenced for the assault. The security supervisor was one of the few people who publicly stood by the victim for support. The man believes he has received retaliation at work for his belief and support for the victim.

The veteran employee has been with the military base for over a decade and was awaiting a new job assignment that had been discussed with superiors. Reports state that following the exposure of the misconduct and the worker's support against the responsible party, the new position dissipated. Management purportedly began to interrogate the man about his personal conversations and their subject matter.

The Texas employee believes that the work environment has been maintained to make those who speak up uncomfortable. He also feels his superiors have practiced employer retaliation, intentionally increasing the amount of work he is expected to complete, and that his claims have not been addressed or looked into appropriately. A worker who feels they are being unfairly treated by their place of employment in retaliation for speaking out against wrongdoing may choose to pursue justice and expose the misconduct.

Source: kfoxtv.com, "Fort Bliss security supervisor claims retaliation after he stood up for assault victim", Gina Benitez, July 7, 2014