Sexual Harassment Among Police Officers in Texas

A Texas resident who works in the police department or near officers may feel a certain sense of protection or safety while at work. When this confidence is broken through sexual harassment by a police officer, it can be difficult to trust a person in uniform. A victim who desires to report the sexual harassment may seek help in making a claim and protecting themselves.

A recent report pointed out the continued increase of sexual misconduct among police officers. This includes officers who have chosen resignation of their career after being accused of sexual harassment, those who have been investigated for sexual assault, and others who have been charged for misconduct. Unfortunately, the statistical information that is available only includes the victims that have vocalized their situation and made a claim; it does not show the number of people who have not shared their harassment experience.

Certain studies have found shocking numbers of police officers who have been accused or investigated for sexual misconduct against others. The research discovered that over half of the incidents occurred while the perpetrator was on duty. A person who has experienced inappropriate sexual advancements or harassment at work from an officer may struggle with the decision to speak up.

A victim may fear retaliation from coworkers or other officers for reporting the sexual harassment they have suffered. For the protection of the Texas public and others that work around the officer in question, a person may feel it necessary to expose the damaging behavior. Some may seek professional guidance when determining the best way to handle their situation and attempt to hold the responsible party liable.

Source:, "Police Departments Ignore Rampant Sexual Assault by Officers", Candice Bernd, July 2, 2014