Reporting Workplace Sexual Harassment in Texas

Some victims of workplace sexual harassment may have anxiety about reporting the incident for fear of retaliation or termination by their employer. State and federal laws exist to help protect employees from being abused or mistreated at work in any context and may offer protection to a person who decides to make a report. A victim of workplace sexual harassment in Texas may therefore question why this behavior continues to remain prevalent in a professional atmosphere.

According to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, statistics show that 83 percent of sexual misconduct claims in the workplace are perpetrated against women. Some professionals believe this high number may be in part due to societal views and lack of support for victims. Some employers may choose to retain a suspected perpetrator if it is financially in the best interest of the company, and may choose to continue to settle with victims rather than firing the alleged harasser.

A person who has worked hard to develop their professional reputation may have concerns about their rights. A recent report detailed some steps a victim of workplace sexual harassment may want to take. Some people may want to record the demeaning experience and review their company policies before they contact the EEOC. The final and sometimes most important step may be to find legal guidance as the difficult situation is navigated.

Recent headlines and reports continue to outline ongoing workplace sexual harassment against colleagues, subordinates, and supervisors in Texas and across the nation. Some victims may feel isolated or confused after their experience. A person who suffers an inappropriate situation while on the job may seek help in understanding the process to end the harassment and maintain job security.

Source:, "Why Sexual Harassment Is Still An Issue And Why So Many Get Away With It", Gwen Moran, June 25, 2014