Protection From Retaliation for Reporting Abuse in Texas

When a person works for a Texas organization or company in a contracted position, they may be protected by similar rights and regulations that permanent employees are entitled to, including retaliation for reporting alleged abuse. An employer may choose to forgo the renewal of a contract for personal reasons, prejudices, or retaliation for reporting abuse and leave a previously contracted employee professionally damaged. Some companies may believe they do not have to adhere to certain practices or requirements regarding termination and renewal for their contracted workers.

Recently, a woman made the decision to pursue legal action for the sexual harassment and retaliation she believes she experienced at her previous place of employment. She and two other women were contract employees at a Texas University and were involved in a situation where they accused a superior of sexual harassment. The perpetrator apparently gave one of the women an inappropriate doll and made explicit comments, prompting all three to voice their concern regarding the abuse.

The alleged sexual harassment claims were apparently investigated and not deemed viable by the company, and when contract renewal was discussed, all three women were let go. In response to this perceived injustice, one of the women pursued legal action against the University. The court found that the lack of contract renewal was in connection to the harassment complaints and thus resulted in their loss of contract renewal through retaliation.

A person who was employed contractually and has suffered a wrongful termination may question their rights and ability to challenge the inappropriate or abusive actions of the company. A victim who has suffered retaliation for reporting abuse they may have experienced in the workplace may feel angry and disregarded. Some people may choose to seek guidance in taking action for the pain and suffering that was inflicted through the filing of a civil lawsuit.

Source:, "Beware lawsuits from contract workers, too", , July 8, 2014