Texas Residents: Take Note of Others' Sexual Harassment Cases

Two politicians in another state may not have a particularly happy new year, and people in Texas may wish to take note of what happens as their cases unfold. Both men have been accused of sexual harassment of people from their workplaces. These allegations of harassment are serious and could compare to what some people in Texas may have experienced at work.

The first harassment allegation has been lodged against Assemblyman Gabryszak, New York. It has been purported that Gabryszak was sexually inappropriate to four of his staff members. At this time, he has made no comments regarding the case, and there appears to be no plan for him to do so until the investigation's full scope is understood by all parties.

The second harassment allegation is against Assemblyman Kellner, also of New York. He has already been found in violation of the harassment policy of the Assembly, as judged by a committee focused on political ethics. His reported sexual harassment of colleagues apparently occurred in 2011 and 2009.

Their state's Governor, Cuomo, has released a statement about the pending charges. His statement thoroughly demonizes both assemblymen. Cuomo also suggests that the men should immediately resign if they are unwilling to put forth public denials.

As with any charges of harassment in the workplace, the facts have to be laid out to clearly understand the case. However, it's essential that Texas employers be aware that sexual harassment charges have brought down both politicians and companies in the past. That's why it's important for such claims to be dealt with swiftly and through the courts. Additionally, no victims of sexual harassment should ever feel powerless in going up against those who have wronged them, even if the alleged perpetrators are well-known politicians.

Source: wgrz.com, Cuomo: Gabryszak Should Deny or Resign Now, Kelly Dudzik, Dec. 31, 2013