Texas Man Open to Sexual Harassment Charges After Filming Workers

A Texas worker in San Antonio may have left himself wide open to charges of sexual harassment after he decided to film his coworkers while they were using the bathroom. Though his deeds have already resulted in charges on the part of the employer, there is no word as to whether any of his colleagues have considered his actions as sexual harassment. However, in similar situations, staff members who have discovered they were filmed without their permission have sued both their employers and the offenders for damages.

Where the case occurred has not been released to the public, so the industry remains unknown. What has been revealed, however, is that the man taped an iPod to the wall of the bathroom, unknown to his coworkers. With the iPod, he was able to film workers' actions while they were in the bathroom.

The man's illegal actions were discovered when another employee came upon the iPod. When authorities looked through the images, they discovered that the man who had installed it had accidentally taken video images of himself, and his nametag was clearly visible. He later admitted his guilt to his employer and was fired, though it has not been said how long the video camera was in place, or how many people experienced an invasion of their privacy.

The man is currently out on bail after posting a bond set at $10,000. As more information is released, there may be numerous people who feel his actions fall under the heading of sexual harassment. Obviously, that will be up to the courts to decide -- should any of his Texas coworkers come forward with claims.

Source: newswest9.com, Texas man films self when installing bathroom cam, No author, Dec. 25, 2013