Recent Texas Sexual Harassment Ruling May Help Employees

Sexual harassment doesn't simply happen and then disappear. It is an emotional process that affects people for long periods of time and can lead to numerous personal issues. That is why any claim of sexual harassment made by Texas workers needs to be investigated thoroughly and taken seriously. In fact, a new ruling by the court of appeals covering the state could make it easier for employees to pursue claims of this kind against their employers.

The ruling was issued in a sexual harassment case where a woman claimed that she was sexually objectified by male maintenance workers. During her short time as an office administrative employee, she says they "sniffed" her and one of the maintenance workers stared at her for three to five minutes. When she took her concerns to her employer, she was basically told to let it go.

Like others who have been sexually harassed on the job, she did not let anything go. After an office meeting where she voiced her concerns, her manager terminated her employment. She was terminated for forcibly slapping files and slamming the door. When she brought a sexual harassment lawsuit against the company, it was initially thrown out by a trial court.

Fortunately, the woman persisted with her sexual harassment case and an appeals court in Texas agreed that she should have a jury trial. It is an important development for people who are treated in such a humiliating manner while doing their work. It is also a good reason for anyone who has been sexually harassed to not be dissuaded from pursuing compensation.

Source:, Sexual harassment: Appeals court sets out new rules for claims, No author, Jan. 15, 2014