Race Discrimination Alleged Against Large Texas Based Corporation

No individual deserves to be called names at work because of his or her ethnic background; when this type of occurrence happens, it's considered race discrimination. Race discrimination is what one man who was originally from India, but who was working for a large Texas corporation, alleges happened to him. Now, he is seeking remuneration through the court system for the wrongdoing he says he experienced regularly on the job.

The man began working at his company in 2007. By 2013, he felt he had to quit because he claims his colleagues -- including those who were his bosses -- made his working life unbearable. He says that he heard racial epithets every day and that he was often equated to a terrorist. In fact, he stated in his federal lawsuit that those he worked with photoshopped an image of him to make it seem as though he were a terrorist.

The man says that he brought the race discrimination to management's attention again and again. Instead of getting better, he claims that his work environment just became more hostile. The only reason he stayed with his employer, he alleges, is that he and his family needed the money.

At this point, the man's former employer has released a statement declining to talk about pending legal issues, but that the allegations are being taken seriously. The man is going forward with his lawsuit, and although he is now unemployed, he says he feels good having stood up to race discrimination and made its practice within the Texas company known. If he wins his lawsuit, he may be awarded money for back pay, lost wages, and related items.

Source: myfoxhouston.com, Indian American employee files federal lawsuit on Schwan's, Isiah Carey, Jan. 27, 2014