Man Says Employer Discriminated Against Him After Store Robbery

Discrimination in Texas workplaces can come in multiple forms. In many cases, the mere act of an employer to fail to provide reasonable accommodations for a disabled employee might constitute employment discrimination. This is what one former Radio Shack store manager in Houston is claiming after he was injured in a robbery.

The man says that he suffered post-traumatic stress syndrome, known as PTSD after he was held at gunpoint and tied up with duct tape. The robbers also pushed him over when his hands and feet were bound, leading to injuries to his back and chest. The men repeatedly threatened the store manager's life and even fired a bullet into a file cabinet to back up their threat.

The man said his boss told him he could take the next day off, which was extended by another day due to the man's uneasiness at having to return to work so quickly. A few days later, the man was diagnosed with PTSD and went on leave.

When he returned several months later, he was offered a lower position at a lower salary. He eventually received a scholarship to attend college and thus had to decline a subsequent managerial job offer. Not long after, he has fired altogether. The man is now seeking damages from Radio Shack due to discrimination and retaliation.

Anyone can become disabled during the course of working at a job, even if the disability is only temporary. Employers have a duty to accommodate those workers. People in Texas who find themselves in this sort of situation might wish to speak with an employment law attorney.

Source: Houston Chronicle, "Former employee claims discrimination after robbery," Carol Christian, Jan. 7, 2014