Former Texas Coach Embroiled in Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

Any individual who has been a part of a sports team knows that the coach often becomes somewhat of a father or mother figure to the players. However, if allegations wind up being proven true, one Texas coach may have used his position in a nefarious way. A former player is claiming that she was the victim of sexual harassment while on her team. Other claims of sexual harassment from her teammates back up her statements.

The case swirls around a Paris, Texas, junior college female basketball team led by a male coach. One of the former players of the team has come forward alleging that the coach harassed some of his players through verbal means, texts, and in at least one case, physical contact. Now, she is suing the college for allowing the behavior to happen on campus, as well as the coach whom she says harassed her.

Though the case has not been determined at this point, the former player has given some documentation to the press that may indicate sexual harassment took place. Specifically, she has text messages sent to her from the coach, which suggests that he viewed her as a sexual object and not simply one of his team players. She says that when she rebuffed his advances, he told her she could lose her college scholarship.

The former coach at the center of the case is now the acting coach at a university in another state. The college being sued is denying that they allowed sexual harassment on their campus by an employee. However, if determined that the former player was indeed harassed by the coach, she could be compensated for the experience should the case be decided in her favor.

Source:, UPDATE: Former PJC athlete files sexual harassment suit against former coach, Matthew Boyd, Dec. 29, 2013