Workplace discrimination suit results in large settlement

A former Texas police chief has recently been awarded a large settlement from a workplace discrimination case. The man worked for the police department in Jasper and served as the city's first African-American police chief. He claims that he lost his job because of his race. The man then filed a workplace discrimination suit against the city for his unjust treatment.

The Texas man filed the suit against the city of Jasper and others. The man claims that the mayor of Jasper wrongfully portrayed the man as a thief and a criminal in order to promote racial separation in the city. The police chief first served as an interim, then moved into a permanent position. He was fired after just four months by the city council.

Shortly before the vote to remove him from his position, three black members were removed from the city council. They were replaced with a white majority and then they fired the man. His treatment came despite a long history of serving the Jasper community in various public service positions. The judge agreed with the evidence presented by the man, and he was awarded a large settlement amounting to $831,000.

This case is an excellent example of why workplace discrimination victims may wish to consider legal action. While every case may not be this successful, it is important for victims to explore all options when they have been mistreated. When there is sufficient evidence that an employee has faced unjust treatment, it could be beneficial to file a legal complaint against the employer.

Source:, Fired Jasper police chief wins $831,000 settlement in discrimination lawsuit, Dan Wallach, Feb. 27, 2014