The Top Reason for Employment Lawsuits in Texas, Other States

When it comes to workplace litigation, cases involving things like discrimination may be the ones that tend to get the most publicity, but they are not the most common. Rather, cases involving wage and hour disputes make up the vast majority of the lawsuits each year. This is the way that the lawsuits have been trending, and employers are focusing on ways to manage the impact that they can have.

To get a sense of just how many cases there are that involve wage and hour claims, reports show that the combined total of employment discrimination cases and cases that relate to ERISA is still far lower than the total amount of wage and hour cases. In fact, there are three times as many wage and hour lawsuits.

For example, one can look at the case involving Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corp., which is based out of East Hanover, New Jersey. At the beginning of the year, a $99 million settlement was reached as a resolution to a wage-and-hour class action lawsuit. More than 7,000 people were involved, including people who had worked as sales representatives in the past and that some were even still with the company. However, this is not something that is confined to New Jersey, but that has impacted many states all around the country.

Employees in Texas who have disputes regarding compensation or benefits would be wise to consider their legal rights, knowing that they are far from alone when it comes to these types of cases. As prior cases show, they can even pursue these lawsuits if they are still employed by the company.

Source: Business Litigation, "Wage-and-hour litigation outpacing all other workplace class actions" No author given, May. 14, 2014