Texas Woman Possibly Fired in Retaliation for Reporting Abuse

Sexual harassment cases seem to be pretty commonplace, particularly in fields that are generally dominated by men. Even though there are laws in place, in Texas and across the country, to stop this harassment from happening, there are still a large number of sexual harassment cases filed every year. One of the most recent to come forward involves a woman in Texas who alleges she was fired in retaliation for reporting abuse to the company owner.

A recent suit was filed in U.S. District Court in Beaumont by a woman claiming to be the victim of sexual harassment at her workplace. The woman worked for Precision an auto care shop from April 2012 until November 2012. She asserts that during her time at the company her manager and other co-workers would often discuss the body parts of their female customers. She did file a complaint with the owner of the company but was apparently fired shortly after doing so.

The lawsuit claims that the harassment caused interference in the woman's work and, along with sexual harassment, could also be considered gender discrimination. The woman asserts that her firing was in retaliation for reporting the abuse to the company owner. The amount she is seeking in damages has not been made public.

The outcome of this specific case is still to be determined. Regardless, anyone who feels they have been a victim of sexual harassment or who believes they have been fired in retaliation for reporting abuse may be able to seek compensation for the wrongs to which they have been subjected. Employees are guaranteed certain protections under Texas laws and, if there is proof of abuse or unreasonable firing, the employer could be held liable, both legally and financially.

Source: Southeast Texas Record, Sexual harassment complaint filed against Beaumont auto shop, Thomas Kallies, Feb. 11, 2014