Texas universities sued by employees for wrongful termination

Two Texas universities -- the University of Texas Brownsville (UTB) and The Southmost College (TSC) -- are facing lawsuits for wrongful termination. The Texas Faculty Association (TFA) is acting on behalf of three professors who claim wrongful termination. They were all three tenured at the time that they were fired.

The two educational institutions used to be one school but recently split. At the time that they split, the two universities only contracted non-tenured employees. Three of the professors who lost their jobs are over the ago of 40 and claim that their termination was ungrounded and not necessary. In the lawsuit, the professors claim that they were suddenly terminated with little to no warning.

The three complainants lost income and benefits at the time and are likely requesting that they be compensated for their mistreatment. Legal teams for the formally tenured Texas professors claim that tenured professors have certain rights, and that all of the benefits and rights given with tenure were effectively ignored. The university claims that their actions were based on expected lower enrollment. However, enrollment is up in both schools.

Tenured employees have certain intrinsic rights. When these rights are violated or an employee faces wrongful termination, legal action may be a possible option. Employees may be eligible to receive compensation from lost wages and benefits. They should thoroughly examine their case by reviewing all documentation and gathering evidence to validate their claims. It may not be an easy decision to take legal action for mistreatment, but it can be a worthwhile effort for those who have been mistreated.

Source: University Herald, Former Employees Sue UTB, TSC for Wrongful Termination, Stephen Adkins, Feb. 21, 2014