Texas Flight Attendants May Be Susceptible to Sexual Harassment

A new poll of airline employees has found that almost 30 percent of flight attendants may be victims of sexual harassment. This number could also include flight attendants in Texas. Some of the airlines surveyed about sexual harassment included Dragonair, British Airways, and United Airlines.

It is no secret that the airline industry is plagued by issues such as the mistreatment of flight attendants, both male and female. It is estimated that thirty percent of flight attendants who may have been harassed could actually be higher than reported. Most of the sexual harassment incidents reported involved physical contact. These instances included acts such as uninvited touching, kissing, pinching, and more.

Texas employees in many fields may know that sexual harassment may also include factors such as inappropriate talk and sexually charged humor. This is also a rampant problem in the airline industry. According to this poll, flight attendants claim that about 60 percent of inappropriate contact of conversation came from customers. The other 40 percent of reported instances of sexual harassment came from fellow employees, including other attendants, pilots, and various airline staff.

Ultimately, employees in the service industry are susceptible to various types of harassment from customers. There are not always proper regulations in place to protect flight attendants from the customers, but no one should ever be subjected to sexual harassment from fellow employees or administrators. Even outside the airline industry sexual harassment may be a problem, and, when it is, victims have the option to take legal action. If an employee has been victimized, he or she may wish to seek counsel and learn about the various options available for recourse.

Source: ketknbc.com, Report: 27% of flight attendants sexually harassed, No author, Feb. 21, 2014