Sexual Harassment Claims Paint Unflattering Picture of Texas CFO

People in powerful positions are sometimes assertive in their dealings with others; however, that assertiveness should never be allowed to turn into sexual harassment. In Texas, as in all states, sexual harassment is a serious problem, and those who are at the receiving end can experience lasting emotional trauma. One way that they can put a stop to this kind of abuse is by bringing it to light and reporting the behavior to superiors. Victims can also pursue compensation in court for any financial damages they have incurred as a result of said abuse.

In one recent Texas case, a high-level executive for a medical branch of a state university allegedly took advantage of his authority over personnel. As CFO, he held the purse strings and was purportedly not above offering financial favors in return for salacious deeds. For example, a female victim claimed he sexually harassed her on a number of levels.

First, the CFO is said to have sent this employee texts of a sexual nature. Additionally, she asserts that he said things to her that made her uncomfortable. Finally, she alleges that while they were at lunch one day, he suggested that she should undo her blouse's top buttons. She says he promised her extra vacation time if she did so and that he became angry when the woman made his advancements known to her hospital superiors. She further claims that medical branch officials ignored her complaints.

All Texas employees have the right to justice and protection from inappropriate workplace behavior. Indeed, with the current level of protection afforded to Texas residents under the law, no one should ever have to endure this kind of abuse for any reason. Nevertheless, when a Texas employee's complaints of sexual harassment are ignored by superiors it can be a frightening experience; therefore, the victims of harassment must always remember that they have it in their power to appeal to a higher authority by filing their sexual harassment complaint in a court of law, as the woman did in this case.

Source:, UTMB employee alleged sexual harassment by CFO, Laura Elder, Jan. 29, 2014