Lawsuit Filed Over Possible Race Discrimination by Employer

A worker of Hispanic ethnicity has filed a lawsuit against his employer over possible race discrimination. The Texas company Lufkin Industries Inc. is named in the lawsuit and is accused of race discrimination. The former employee has a myriad of complaints against the company and claims that many of his civil rights were violated.

Some of the claims listed in the lawsuit include the violation of basic employee rights. His employer supposedly treated the Hispanic employee differently than other Caucasian employees. The lawsuit maintains that the former employee was not allowed to take overtime, did not receive appropriate wages, and was denied both training and the ability to have a flexible schedule.

The complaint also states that the Texas worker was eventually fired after a mishap while operating a certain machine. The employer claims that the work was faulty, while the former employee claims that the machine was not operating correctly at the time. Additionally, he was expected to work on a machine for which he had not been properly trained.

The man is seeking compensation for his pain that resulted from this unfortunate situation. He is looking to recover lost wages, court costs, and punitive damages. It is not clear if there has been an official response from his employer.

When an employee has suffered because of issues such as race discrimination, he or she has the right to seek financial compensation. If there is sufficient proof of mistreatment, the employer could be held legally and financially liable. Employee rights should always be protected and sometimes legal action may be necessary to defend the basic civil rights of workers.

Source: Southeast Texas Record, Former worker sues industry over alleged discrimination, Melody Dareing, Feb. 3, 2014