Lawsuit Filed in Texas Over Workplace Discrimination

A Texas woman has filed a lawsuit against a Montgomery County Tax Assessor and two other government officials for workplace discrimination. Specifically, the woman claims that she was the victim of age discrimination and is being fired without merit. Her lawsuit stems from a series of possible discriminatory instances over the course of her career.

The woman was actually employed with the Montgomery Tax office starting in 2005 as a tax clerk. After four years on the job, she received various promotions to other positions within the office. She ultimately became a registered Texas collector. In 2013, the complainant claims that she did not receive a promotion that she was promised by her supervisor.

The lawsuit claims that the woman confronted her supervisors about the job situation. She was told that people over a certain age, 40 years and older, were not eligible for the promotion. The three defendants from the tax office deny any wrongdoing or discrimination against the Texas woman. After complaining about the job promotion, the woman was notified that she was being relieved of her job duties. The woman claims that she was unfairly fired and that the company did not have legal grounds for her termination.

Workplace discrimination of any kind can be a serious problem. When a victim has suffered or lost a job because of age discrimination, gender discrimination, or other such perceived injustices, he or she the option to pursue legal action. A lawsuit over discrimination should be backed by proof and documentation in order for the complainant to have a successful outcome. When a victim would like to pursue legal action, a case evaluation can determine the optimal way to initiate the process.

Source: Southeast Texas Record, Montgomery County Tax Office named in discrimination lawsuit, Joel Brakken, Feb. 21, 2014