Certain Terms Could Be Considered Employment Discrimination

Texas employees and employers know how important it is to proactively use positive and beneficial language as a manner of preventing employment discrimination. It is just as important to choose terminology carefully so as to avoid any confusion or miscommunication between employees and employers. Employment discrimination does not always happen with inappropriate actions or language, but it can also occur with careless terms and employee labeling.

One of the terms that could be confusing in the workplace is when an employer uses the term permanent employee instead of a regular employee. The former could imply that the worker will have a job for the rest of his or her life. If that employee is fired at any point, it could cause a legal issue because of having used the incorrect terminology.

It is also especially important for employers to use the term disabled or disability carefully. An employee who has recurring health issues but can still perform his or her job may not be considered disabled. The terms disabled or disability could be problematic for employers and should be used carefully. If an employee is incorrectly labeled, even incidentally, it could open up the employer to possible lawsuits and more.

Employment discrimination is a serious issue in the workplace. If any Texas employee feels that he or she has been the victim of discrimination, possibly stemming from incorrect terminology in the workplace, legal recourse against the employer is a possible option. If one feels that he or she has been a victim, a closer and careful examination of the situation could be the best way to proceed in this particular situation.

Source: businessmanagementdaily.com, Words matter at work: Beware these 5 lightning rod terms, No author, Feb. 12, 2014