Worker Reports a Racial Slur and Claims a Wrongful Termination

In most companies, there are programs that provide guidelines for supervisors regarding proper etiquette in speaking to employees and what type of language is considered unacceptable. If an employee hears a manager saying something that is inappropriate, he or she may choose to report the remarks in an effort to prevent a hostile workplace. However, this behavior is not always rewarded, and a Texas worker could become the victim of retaliation and suffer a wrongful termination instead.

After complaining about a racial slur, a former oil employee claims that he lost his job. The plaintiff alleges that his manager commented to him about a black coworker and used a derogatory racial term. Feeling offended, the white employee brought the incident to human resources. The man claims that he and other coworkers reported the use of the slur, but nothing was ever done. Allegedly, the activity continued.

Following the plaintiff reporting the use of the racial remarks, he alleges that his supervisor approached him and threatened him, saying that he should think twice about who he reports to human resources. The plaintiff claims that, after the confrontation, he began to receive disciplinary actions for seemingly petty work errors. He also allegedly was targeted for a number of grievances after he voiced his complaint.

Ultimately, the man lost his job. He asserts that his termination was an act of retaliation because he spoke out about the racist remarks. The plaintiff is accusing the defendants of violating his rights under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Any Texas worker suffering from a similar situation may choose to pursue legal action against his or her employer in an attempt to recover any lost wages as well as other financial losses awarded by the court. The employees may also be returned to their former positions, depending on the underlying circumstances.

Source:, "Man says his firing was retaliatory", Annie Cosby, Dec. 22, 2014