Woman Claims That Her Termination Was Based Upon Discrimination

Regardless of a worker's age, race, or any other protected status characteristics, all should be treated fairly, but that is not always the case. A former Texas employee of Central United Life claims that she lost her job due to discrimination. Before working for the company, the plaintiff had 14 years of experience and was brought on as an associate manager. She was later promoted to department supervisor; however, during downsizing, some of the positions below here were eliminated, which left her to take the burden of responsibility for the department.

Later, a new chief operations officer was brought on board who was white and younger than the black plaintiff. The woman claims that after the new COO was hired, she was no longer treated fairly. She alleges her reputation was being tarnished because she was being presented poorly to customers, the company, and to agents. According to her complaint, a new division opened and she applied for positions in that department, but, despite her experience and track record, she did not receive any of them. However, she was required to train the new workers who were hired for the jobs for which she had applied, and one of the newly hired workers was soon promoted to a position higher than her own.

The plaintiff filed grievances against the company about the situation, but it allegedly only made matters worse as she claims that she was subjected to a hostile work environment. Her work was also placed under scrutiny, and she was started on a 90-day improvement plan, under which she believes that she continued to perform more than adequately. Ultimately, she allegedly lost her job based on an incorrect decision she reportedly made over a year before her termination date.

Texas workers who feel that they are the victims of employment discrimination may first wish to express their concerns with their employers to try to resolve the issues. If no agreeable resolutions are reached, the employees may elect to move forward with legal actions. Based upon the evidence of discrimination, in successfully navigated claims, the claimants may be awarded lost wages, compensatory damages, and compensation for other related financial losses based upon the individual circumstances of the case. The employees may also be reinstated into their former positions.

Source: setexasrecord.com, "Woman accuses employer of age, race discrimination", Annie Cosby, Dec. 18, 2014