Texas Veterinarian Fights Alleged Wrongful Termination

There are some people who have a desire to ensure that animals are treated properly. As a result, they choose to go into a field that involves providing care for animals. Unfortunately, one veterinarian in Texas claims in a wrongful termination suit that he was fired for looking after the best interests of the animals he was hired to protect.

The man was an employee of a Texas Animal Control facility. In 2012, he says he filed a complaint with the city, detailing violations that allegedly occurred at Animal Control. He claims that he was fired soon afterward as a result of filing the complaint.

Representatives for Corpus Christi claim that the man was not fired for the complaint and that the decision to terminate his employment had been made prior to the filing. The assistant police chief told a jury that the doctor was fired for several different reasons. He specifically detailed an argument in which he and the doctor had disagreed about a required 10-day quarantine period before an animal could be adopted.

Employees in Texas should feel comfortable trying to right a wrong that occurs at their place of employment without worrying about their job security. While it is unlikely that someone would argue that an inefficient worker who fails to meet their job responsibilities should remain employed, there are protections in place for workers who simply want to ensure that they are treated fairly. Victims of wrongful termination have the option of seeking legal recourse in a civil court just as this man has done. A successfully argued case could result in reinstatement or an award of damages, among other possible outcomes.

Source: kristv.com, "City of Corpus Christi Testifies in Wrongful Termination Trial", Caroline Flores, Dec. 11, 2014