Sexual Harassment Suit Gives Strength to Additional Victims

In a recent out-of-state case that may be interesting to Texas employees who have suffered sexual harassment in the workplace, one woman's lawsuit against Zillow has led to numerous other employees coming forward with similar complaints. According to the lawsuit, the female victim suffered through sexual harassment so severe that she considered it tortuous. Apparently, she was not alone.

The victim involved in the suit worked for the company in an inside sales position. She claims that she was subjected to rankings based on her body size and shape and was sent a number of inappropriate text and multimedia messages by her supervisors that were of a sexual nature. She claims to have been propositioned by her superior and that her employment was threatened if she did not comply. The victim has accused the company of nurturing an immature and sexually abusive environment.

The victim feels she suffered retaliation when she refused the advances from management. Reports indicate that evidence was submitted that substantiates the abuse and harassment she claims to have experienced. Zillow has refuted the accusations and claims that the situations described in the lawsuit did not actually occur.

Reports indicate that the victim's legal representative believes that, as the suit continues, even more victims will share their painful experiences. Zillow is currently facing a growing list of accusations and a potential class-action suit for the accused sexual harassment that many employees claim to have suffered. A Texas employee that suffers severe harassment while working may also look to a seasoned professional as he or she begins the legal process of protecting his or her rights and seeking justice.

Source:, "More Zillow employees victims of sexual harassment", Ben Lane, Dec. 3, 2014