Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Against Texas County Continues

Public officials and those who work in public organizations may have great expectations imposed upon them regarding their behavior. When a person fails to adhere to the law or violates a colleague by sexual harassment, he or she may suffer serious consequences. A former county commissioner in Texas recently attended a hearing regarding a sexual harassment accusation.

The accusation was made by the Director of the Community Center after she allegedly experienced sexual harassment. The former commissioner had recently finished his final term with the county and is no longer serving in his public role. The lawsuit has been ongoing and continues to move forward as the case is discussed and the harassment confronted.

Recent rulings by the court have been described as favorable both toward the accuser and the county, though reports did not detail the decisions that had been made thus far in the case. Records indicate that the county has spent close to $75,000 defending itself against the accusations. It can be emotionally difficult for a person to persevere after he or she has been violated and battled for his or her honesty by a large public entity.

A person who is involved in a lengthy lawsuit against his or her perpetrator may question the ability to prove that he or she suffered sexual harassment. The state of Texas has laws and regulations in place to protect employees from being harassed in the workplace. A victim may turn to a professional as he or she attempts to fight for his or her rights and expose a perpetrator for the crimes that he or she believes were exercised against him or her.

Source:, "Commissioners Court to discuss Sciaraffa lawsuit", Matt Mcgovern, Nov. 24, 2014