Driver alleges retaliation after complaining about safety issues

Safety is a major concern in most businesses, principally to ensure that employees and customers are not injured. Texas workers who notice that safety precautions are not being followed as they should may voice their concerns in the hopes of having the problems corrected. This type of behavior is not always rewarded, and there are instances when the employees may face retaliation in the form of a wrongful termination instead.

A former employee for a school transportation company claims that he lost his job because he alerted management to some dangerous workplace issues. The man worked as a bus mechanic, performing routine maintenance on the vehicles. Occasionally, he also performed the duties of a bus driver.

According to his complaint, the man wrote a letter to his managers expressing the concerns he had about staffing and about potentially dangerous conditions. In his letter, he expressed that some of the mechanics were driving buses at the end of working a long shift, which could potentially mean that they were too tired to carefully focus on operating the vehicle. He also explained that some of the vehicles were not receiving proper maintenance and were  overdue for inspection.

The man claims that the conditions persisted despite his alerting his supervisors. He ultimately lost his job less than a year after writing the letter for reasons that he asserts were false. The plaintiff alleges that the reason why he was fired was an act of retaliation for reporting the safety concerns. Texas workers who find themselves in similar situations may choose to file claims against their employers to seek a monetary award for any lost wages and other financial damages. They also may be returned to their former positions, based upon the individual circumstances of the case.

Source:, "Suit: Former bus mechanic fired after complaining about company's dangerous policies", Jim Boyle, Dec. 22, 2014