Texas VA Clinic Accused of Hostile Work Environment

A hostile work environment can make it difficult for employees to function and complete their duties as required. A Texas VA health clinic has recently been accused of unrealistic work expectations and inappropriate work conditions which have led to a high rate of employee resignation. A woman previously employed with the clinic has voiced concerns regarding a potentially hostile work environment at the facility.

The former nurse claims to have experienced inappropriate and unwarranted negative interactions with her direct supervisor. Following her resignation, she submitted a formal report detailing the mistreatment she alleges to have experienced. Her claim accuses the nurse manager of supporting a hostile work environment where harassment and retaliation were present. A long-time nurse who worked alongside this woman resigned around the same time and is in support of her former colleague’s grievance claim.

The victim believes that her supervisor nurtured a hostile work environment by writing excessive infractions against nurses that may have been erroneous and believes the situation was ignored by management. Following the death of her mother and brief time away from work, she was apparently penalized for taking time off work. She continued to be written up for inappropriate behaviors that included interoffice communication and sick time.

The report is currently being investigated by the Department of Veteran Affairs. Texas workers who suffer retaliation or bullying within a hostile work environment may question their rights as they contemplate resignation. Some people may choose to seek professional guidance in pursuing an action for their damaging experience.

Source: oaoa.com, "Nurses cite hostile VA environment", Celinda Hawkins and Jared Wilson, Aug. 7, 2014