Texas Meteorologist Sues for Violation of Employee Rights

Employee rights are protected through laws like the Federal Medical Leave Act and other regulations to protect a person’s position if they miss work due to illness. A Texas employee who has suffered medical problems due to their work conditions may have anxiety about job security and financial strain. A Texas television meteorologist recently filed a lawsuit on the federal level against his employer for numerous grievances regarding his employee rights.

The man claims that over a company-recognized holiday break, employers forced him to work additional hours during which younger staff were provided with time off. The stressful work apparently demand led to medical complications that required physician attention. Doctors suggested medical leave for exhaustion and depression so the victim could recover before returning to work.

When the meteorologist returned from time off, superiors purportedly reprimanded him and began the process to remove him from his position and hire someone new. In less than a week back in the office, the man was fired and replaced by a younger, healthier woman. The meteorologist was employed with the station for over two decades and had signed a contract confirming that he could not be terminated without a reason or cause.

The man has accused the Texas television station of discrimination against age and disability, for violating the Federal Medical Leave Act and harassment. These are in addition to what he believes was a breach of contract and intentional retaliation. When a worker experiences a violation of their employee rights, they may choose to pursue legal action against their employer in an attempt to reverse damages that have been inflicted.

Source: setexasrecord.com, "Meteorologist files federal lawsuit against Texas TV station", , July 29, 2014