Race Discrimination at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau?

Government positions in Texas and throughout the country should be places where race discrimination is nonexistent. Recent accusations against the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau were the instigating force behind an investigation into possible mistreatment of employees and a hostile work environment. A formal inquiry by the Government Accountability Office will investigate and determine whether the allegations of retaliation and racial discrimination are true. If so, legislators may address what steps are necessary to ensure that the misconduct is effectively prevented and not repeated.

The initial request for investigating the Bureau came from three different representatives in the U.S. Congress. They reportedly became concerned after claims were made for an extended period of time by different people. Reports indicate that, after the review began, at least 32 additional employees complained about mistreatment. Employees feel they have been intimidated into keeping quiet about their work environment for fear of retaliation from management.

The CFPB has also been accused of paying minority and female employees significantly less than other employees. A minority employee testified to having been racially harassed while at work but was fearful of management retaliation should he make a report. A former employee claimed that he and others that share his ethnicity were actively discriminated against regularly, which cultivated a hostile work environment.

A private investigator asserts that the accusations hold merit, based upon what he discovered. Employees in Texas are protected by federal and state laws against racial discrimination in the workplace. A victim that suffers harassment may make the decision to file a claim and seek legal redress for this pernicious and still pervasive form of discrimination.

Source: mpamag.com, "GAO to investigate CFPB discrimination charges", Ryan Smith, Aug. 4, 2014