Lawsuit Against USPS for Employer Retaliation Is Filed

Employer retaliation can come in many forms and may threaten the career success of a worker who is victim to the deceptive actions of their place of work. Texas employees who have been retaliated against may feel fearful of their safety. The U.S. Labor Department recently filed a suit against the U.S. Postal Service for employer retaliation against a postal worker.

The man had been employed by the U.S. Postal Service for three and a half decades when the incident that led to his termination occurred. During a shift, the long-time postal worker apparently took notice of a facility problem that could be potentially dangerous for many people. He witnessed a serious hazard that may have been a carbon monoxide leak and reported it to his superior for investigation.

When the possibly health-threatening situation was overlooked, the employee called emergency 911. Immediately following the response of emergency workers, superiors claimed that the postal worker was nothing more than an upset employee and had made a false claim. They further accused the worker of being an addict and terrorist, which ultimately resulted in his arrest and 18-hour detainment.

When an employee feels they are in danger or notice an unsafe working condition, they may contact authorities without fear of retaliation. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration regulates the protection of workers in situations where they decide to speak up about safety hazards. A Texas worker who has suffered employer retaliation for his or her concerns may seek help in protecting his or her position and enforcing safety measures.

Source:, "35 year USPS employee called a "Terrorist"", Kevin Jackson, July 29, 2014