Gender Discrimination Lawsuit Against Texas Company Is Appealed

Gender discrimination can be a toxic practice in the workplace, creating a tense atmosphere where victims suffer needlessly. An employee in Texas that is victimized by gender discrimination may decide to voice their concerns in an attempt to end the discrimination and hold the employer responsible. A woman who believes she suffered gender discrimination filed a claim against her employer after she was terminated.

Reportedly, the accused employer requested the victim to provide a new sales employee with her assigned customer accounts when discrepancies arose. The worker openly challenged her supervisors regarding the sales territory she was assigned and expressed disfavor toward the change. She was terminated shortly after voicing her concerns and confronting the decisions of management.

The company purportedly fired her for her inability to be a positive team member, which she believes is an excuse for outright discrimination. The woman was the only female sales representative for the company and earned multiple awards and accolades for her performance and sales ability. She filed a lawsuit following the incident, referencing the Civil Rights Act of 1964, after witnessing male colleagues successfully challenge management decisions in the same way -- but without employment consequences for the men that complained.

After courts ruled in favor of her Texas employer, the victim made the decision to appeal and continue to fight for the injustice she believes she experienced. Gender discrimination can leave a person questioning their experience and legal rights. A victim may choose to pursue an ongoing lawsuit against their place of work when they are retaliated or otherwise discriminated against in a manner that is contrary to existing state and federal laws.

Source:, "Sex discrimination: Female sales rep's gender stereotyping claim advances", Joanna Vilos, July 21, 2014