Discrimination Lawsuit Against Houston Employer

It can be difficult and stressful for a victim to do their job when discrimination in the workplace is present. When the abuse is perpetrated by management, a person may question their job security and how they should manage the situation. A discrimination lawsuit against a Houston media company will move forward after being recently reviewed by a judge.

The lawsuit was filed by two former employees who worked as account executives for a Houston-based television station. One victim accused their previous employer of reverse discrimination against race and the other claims they suffered race discrimination, company interference with a contract, and retaliation. The courts made the decision to move forward with the lawsuit for all accusations except for the contract claims due to a previously signed non-compete clause between the employer and former employee.

The male executive claims to have been terminated after meeting and surpassing the required sales quotas. Records indicate that the EEOC did find that the media company discriminated against him. When the female employee complained about the inappropriate situation, her supervisor purportedly made racial slurs and derogatory comments about the ethnicity and private life of the pair. She also apparently suffered suspension for being accused of allowing the male executive to be near or around the place of business.

When inappropriate comments become an increasingly racist or oppressive situation at work, employees may begin to believe they are being discriminated against. Discrimination is a serious problem and Texas employees are protected by laws against such abuse. A victim who has suffered professional damage and personal anguish while at work may choose to pursue restitution against the responsible party.

Source: allaccess.com, "Discrimination Suit Against Radio One/Houston Moves Forward", , Aug. 21, 2014