Workplace Discrimination on the Rise in Texas

According to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Texas is the state with the most employment discrimination cases filed in the last year. Approximately 10,000 of the cases filed with the EEOC originated in the state. These alarmingly high numbers could indicate that there is an ongoing issue with workplace discrimination that should be addressed.

Workplace discrimination is a general term that can be used to describe several different types of behavior. This may include employer retaliation, wage violations, race or gender discrimination, or more. Retaliation is listed as the most common reason for these cases. Texas readers should note than one of the most common types of retaliation or discrimination against women includes incidents involving pregnancy discrimination.

The EEOC has said that it was able to resolve the majority of these cases, but the specific resolutions were not provided in a recent media report. The EEOC may also be able to help employees recover any owed wages or other compensation due. The number of resolved cases in Texas was not supplied. Any employee in the state who is a victim of workplace discrimination should note that it is within their rights to seek legal assistance to resolve the issue.

The high number of cases in Texas could be an indication that employees are speaking out when they are confronted with workplace discrimination. Employees are entitled to a safe discrimination-free work environment. Any type of discrimination or mistreatment that is proscribed by state or federal laws is unacceptable. When these rights are violated, legal action to seek damages and compensation is an available option.

Source: Dallas Business Journal, "EEOC and Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and discrimination", Mike W. Thomas, March 31, 2014