Texas Woman Files Lawsuit for Race Discrimination

A Texas employee of Premium Spray Products Inc. recently filed a lawsuit on the grounds of racial discrimination. He claims that he was discriminated against because of his ethnic origin. He asserts that racial discrimination led to his dismissal from his job, where he was supposedly replaced by a Caucasian employee.

According to the claims of the former employee, he was riddled with teasing throughout his tenure with the company. He says that other employees made fun of his race, his speech and also made other demeaning comments. He was eventually fired for unspecified reasons. He claims that he requested, through properly filed documentation, his pay and financial damages with regard to his claims of discrimination but was refused.

The man says that, after he filed a request for financial compensation, his employer responded with the threat of legal action. Reportedly, the man was also accused of theft of company property. Through the civil lawsuit, he is seeking $75,000 in monetary damages, including back wages. It should be noted that the man has secured legal representation to assist him through the legal process.

Racial discrimination is unacceptable, especially when demonstrated by Texas employers. If this man's claims are validated by the competent and relevant proof, it could mean that he may receive a successful outcome to the litigation in the form of a monetary judgment. While many victims of this demeaning behavior suffer in silence, he made the choice to speak out and seek what he believes is rightfully his. Employers can be held financially responsible for the unchecked behavior and discriminatory actions demonstrated by employees.