Suit Filed for Gender Discrimination in the Workplace

Gender discrimination in Texas can come in many forms and make a victim feel a myriad of negative emotions. Daily exposure to this in addition to harassment and intimidation can mentally damage a person and begin to have physiological effects over time. A small group of women has come forward with accusations against their employer for gender discrimination and harassment they purportedly experienced.

The women work as correctional officers at a juvenile detention facility and claim to have felt physically and emotionally threatened by male colleagues and superiors. They are veteran employees, having worked for the detention system for around two decades. The decision to pursue a lawsuit was made by the three victims in response to sexual harassment and a hostile work environment at work.

Records indicate that the women claim to have been forced to work in an environment where they experienced gender discrimination, intimidation through insult and obscenity, negative comments, and obscene gestures. The female employees have filed their suit against their county of employment and administrators. Court records reveal that a similar sexual harassment suit against the same entity reached a settlement in the past. Some believe that the harassment problems have not been resolved within the detention facilities administration and structure.

Although the suit has not determined its amount of damages, a representative of the three women has requested that legal expenses be compensated at $450,000 each for the situation. An internal investigation involving the extended number of possible employees involved in the harassment has been completed, though results have not yet been released. A Texas detention system employee who feels they have been forced to survive a work environment littered with gender discrimination and harassment may choose to seek help in bringing it to an end.