Lawsuit Against Texas Sheriff for Employer Retaliation Proceeds

Experiencing employer retaliation for personal opinion or belief can be a difficult experience for a Texas worker. A person may face a complex set of challenges as they determine the best possible way to work toward a resolution for the harassment. Recently a group of present and past deputies made the decision to move forward with legal action against their Sheriff for employer retaliation.

The nine current and former Texas deputies have accused their sheriff of retaliation when they chose to support an opposing candidate in the past election. Sources revealed that those involved in the lawsuit believe they are entitled to restitution for the employer retaliation they purportedly experienced from both their boss and county of employment. The injured parties believe that they experienced denial to their right of the First Amendment and have expressed their rightful need for compensation to cover lost wages and damages.

Records indicate that the defense requested a change of jurisdiction due to jury selection, though the change is contingent on the ability to collect a jury. The new location will allow jury members to be selected from 13 different counties. Selecting the appropriate jury for a trial could help to ensure due process in the courtroom.

Although a sheriff or department head is charged with organizing and staffing their county departments as they determine to be appropriate, workplace retaliation is illegal and can carry heavy consequences. The Texas Sheriff claims that the deputies involved in the lawsuit that are no longer with the department received discharge or change of responsibilities based solely on performance and their past history. An employee who finds themselves in an unfair situation that has damaged them professionally and financially may choose to pursue justice against the responsible party.

Source:, "Trial of county, sheriff lawsuit returns to Waco", Tommy Witherspoon, April 10, 2014