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December 2014 Archives

Mariah Carey accused of wage and hour law violations by worker

Although celebrities may be among the rich and famous, they are not above abiding by the law. Workers who serve the stars in Texas and across the country are entitled to be paid according to federal and state laws, just as any other employees. Unfortunately, many famous people violate wage and hour laws, possibly believing that they can get away with it, and the disgruntled employees may choose to turn to the courts to  pursue claims for lost wages.

Worker reports a racial slur and claims a wrongful termination

In most companies, there are programs that provide guidelines for supervisors regarding proper etiquette in speaking to employees and what type of language is considered unacceptable. If an employee hears a manager saying something that is inappropriate, he or she may choose to report the remarks in an effort to prevent a hostile workplace. However, this behavior is not always rewarded, and a Texas worker could become the victim of retaliation and suffer a wrongful termination instead.

Man hurt on the job claims his firing was an act of retaliation

Despite all of the best safety precautions, workplace injuries can still occur. When they do, it is illegal for an employer to fire a worker in retaliation for filing a workers' compensation claim. Just such a situation is the basis for a claim filed by a Texas man who worked for Schneider National Carriers Inc. who said that, after he was hurt on the job, everything took a turn for the worse and led to him losing his job.

Woman claims that her termination was based upon discrimination

Regardless of a worker's age, race or any other protected status characteristics, all should be treated fairly, but that is not always the case. A former Texas employee of Central United Life claims that she lost her job due to discrimination. Before working for the company, the plaintiff had 14 years experience and was brought on as an associate manager. She was later promoted to department supervisor; however, during downsizing, some of the positions below here were eliminated, which left her to take the burden of responsibility for the department.

Texas veterinarian fights alleged wrongful termination

There are some people who have a desire to ensure that animals are treated properly. As a result, they choose to go into a field that involves providing care for animals. Unfortunately, one veterinarian in Texas claims in a wrongful termination suit that he was fired for looking after the best interests of the animals he was hired to protect.

Former city employee believes retaliation cause of her job loss

Whistleblowers play an important role in Texas workplaces. When illegal or unjust activities are occurring behind the doors of a business, employees are often placed in the uncomfortable position of complying or losing their job. Unfortunately, whistleblowers often have to deal with retaliation following such a report.

Sexual harassment suit gives strength to additional victims

In a recent out-of-state case that may be interesting to Texas employees who have suffered sexual harassment in the workplace, one woman's lawsuit against Zillow has led to numerous other employees coming forward with similar complaints. According to the lawsuit, the female victim suffered through sexual harassment so severe that she considered it tortuous. Apparently, she was not alone.

Retaliation among military victims

Making a claim that accuses a colleague or superior of harassment or assault may be daunting for a Texas service person. Military men and women may have questions regarding how to report sexual assault, and they may have fears of retaliation if they make the decision to speak out. A recent report outlined a potential problem that exists among those who do make a claim and the possible retaliation with which they could be forced to deal.

Settlement reached for wrongful termination suit in Texas

An employer that makes the decision to terminate a staff member because of the staff member's personal opinions or expression of thoughts may be guilty of wrongful termination. A person that experiences an unfair job loss could suffer professional and financial damages. An art gallery director formerly employed at a Texas university recently agreed to a settlement for the lawsuit he pursued after experiencing what he believed to be wrongful termination.

Sexual harassment lawsuit against Texas county continues

Public officials and those who work in public organizations may have great expectations imposed upon them regarding their behavior. When a person fails to adhere to the law or violates a colleague by sexual harassment, he or she may suffer serious consequences. A former county commissioner in Texas recently attended a hearing regarding a sexual harassment accusation.

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