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Workplace sexual harassment lawsuit against Texas Kroger

When a person reports inappropriate conduct to his or her superior and the situation is allowed to continue, he or she may question his or her employer. A man who worked at a Houston Kroger recently filed a lawsuit with a Texas civil court alleging severe workplace sexual harassment. Records indicate that the victim may have been subjected to the serious workplace sexual harassment by an employee that worked alongside him in the produce section of the store. 

The harassment purportedly began after the man transferred to a different location after being employed with the Kroger grocery store chain for 30 years. The victim claims that the inappropriate comments and touching began almost immediately. The ongoing problem is also reported to have included grabbing and crude requests. The alleged victim claims that the harassment was reported multiple times.

According to allegations, the co-worker threatened to rape the victim on one occasion, after which the victim made another complaint of harassment. Reports indicate that at least three supervisors were made aware of the situation, yet the sexual innuendo was allegedly permitted to continue. After the complaint concerning the threat of rape was made to managers, the alleged victim claims that his co-worker held a knife to his throat and threatened his life. The co-worker later pleaded guilty to this charge in court.

After three decades of employment with the grocery chain in the Houston area, the employee made the decision to resign and also chose to pursue legal action for damages due to the harassment he claims he suffered. The state of Texas has specific laws in place to protect employees from workplace sexual harassment. By ignoring complaints, an employer can make itself liable when those laws are broken.  A victim may choose to pursue justice if his or her place of business does not protect him or her from harassment. 

Source:, "Kroger 'severe sexual harassment' turned violent, lawsuit claims", Carol Christian, Nov. 7, 2014

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