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October 2014 Archives

Wage and hour theft affects Texas immigrant workers

An immigrant worker in Texas experienced wage and hour theft when his employer reportedly failed to compensate him and other contractors for his efforts. The situation occurred when the worker received his paycheck for a 40 hour work week and had only been paid $100. The man claims that while other workers felt demoralized, he became angry at what he saw as wage and hour theft.

Man awarded for whistleblower action against Texas company

Making the decision to take whistleblower action can be daunting for a contractor or tenured employee. Exposing a deceptive company for practices that can seriously harm or kill other people may be a necessity for some people and may lead them to seek professional guidance. A man working as a guardrail installer was recently awarded $175 million by a federal jury after he suspected fraudulent practices by a Texas rail manufacturer and took whistleblower action.

Man alleges discrimination after losing job at Texas store

In the current economic climate, many people seem to have difficulty obtaining steady employment. Recently, one Texas man who had held the same position for 19 years is claiming discrimination after being fired from that position. He has filed a civil suit against his former employer over the matter.

Texas woman claims demotion was retaliation

There are many legitimate reasons to fire an employee. If that employee is unreliable and not capable of completing the job tasks for which they were hired or commits some sort of illegal behavior related to the workplace, firing them would be a legitimate option. However, it is illegal to fire someone in retaliation for reporting what is believed to be illegal behavior. In a recent lawsuit, one woman in Texas claims she was demoted in retaliation for reporting illegal activities.

Former employee sues for sexual harassment

Sexual harassment in a Texas workplace can be destructive and harmful to victims and their colleagues. An employer who does not properly handle a harassment situation may be held liable for any resulting damages. A man recently filed a lawsuit against his former employer for what he believes was sexual harassment and discrimination.

Texas man pursues wrongful termination suit

Suffering wrongful termination can be difficult for a seasoned professional that has worked hard to get where they are. The financial strain and embarrassment that may accompany the difficult experience can leave a victim with anger, many questions and searching for relief. A man that previously worked as the assistant principal for a Texas high school recently made the decision to continue to press forward in an attempt to prove he suffered a wrongful termination.

Texas employer accused of retaliation by OSHA

Retaliation in the workplace can occur when an employer does not want to provide rightful benefits or accept responsibility for a situation. This practice is illegal and can seriously harm an honest worker. A person may question their ability to report the mistreatment and how they should approach the problem. A company based out of Texas was recently investigated by the U.S. Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration and found liable for retaliation against a former employee.

Texas employer accused for failure to pay wages earned and due

An employer's failure to pay wages earned and due can financially harm a worker and their family and eventually lead to serious consequences for the business owner and operators. A federal court recently ruled that the owner of a Texas warehouse provide $12.3 million in restitution to former employees for the failure to pay wages earned and due. The group of workers previously employed by company claimed that they were regularly required to work more than 40 hours per week without compensation for overtime.

Texas man accused AT&T of gender discrimination

A Texas man that formerly worked as a contract employee with AT&T recently accused the company of gender discrimination. A person that experiences inappropriate comments and actions while at work as a result of their gender may make the decision to expose the problem. The victim claims that he suffered serious gender discrimination and abuse from colleagues and believes that the company attempted to prohibit his ability to share recorded audio evidence.

Houston restaurant accused of workplace sexual harassment

Suffering abuse or an uncomfortable situation at work can be intimidating and overwhelming for many people. Employees that discover they are not the only one that has experienced workplace sexual harassment may feel confidence in speaking out, knowing they are not alone. Exposing the painful problem can be difficult and may lead a person to seek professional guidance as they organize their next steps. A lawsuit filed against a Houston based Mexican restaurant for workplace sexual harassment was recently appealed after going to trial a first time.

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