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Houston man accuses former company of workplace sexual harassment

A victim of workplace sexual harassment can be male or female, any age or race and be from any economic background. A man who was previously employed by a Houston company has recently claimed to be a victim of workplace sexual harassment after experiencing questionable actions from colleagues and superiors. He has requested that he be provided restitution for a number of grievances and specific abuse he may have suffered while employed.

The former employee claims that the situation first began when he was discriminated against while at work through verbal insults and comments regarding his sexual orientation. After making a report to his superiors, the employee found his vehicle damaged and defiled with vulgar words scratched into it. Although supervisors made an attempt to stop the workplace problems, the man claims that colleagues continued the harassment.

Eventually, the abuse became physical when one of the perpetrators purportedly assaulted the victim with his hand and yelled obscene comments. The victim immediately made a report and claims to have been asked to depart from the area and was then terminated in less than an hour following the incident. The victim feels that specific parties involved in the incident meant to cause him emotional damage through their words and actions.

The Houston man believes that the company is responsible for wrongful termination, retaliation and workplace sexual harassment. The victim believes that he has suffered mental and emotional damages in addition to his lost income. A victim of work harassment may also pursue restitution from the company and people who caused excessive personal and professional damage to his or her life.

Source: setexasrecord.com, "Man accuses Woodlands company of sexual harassment, wrongful termination", Andrea Dearden, Sept. 10, 2014

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