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September 2014 Archives

Houston Independent School District accused after termination

Many educators teach because they are passionate about helping children shape their future through knowledge. When this opportunity is removed from a faithful and loving teacher through termination, they may question the situation as they work through their emotions. A man that previously worked as a fourth grade teacher for a Houston school believes he suffered termination due to his ethnicity.

Texas blood center accused of race discrimination

Race discrimination can be a toxic practice in the workplace, injuring the professional advancement of a qualified employee and placing an employer at risk for legal action. A woman formerly employed at a Texas blood care center recently accused her employer of race discrimination after missing an opportunity to apply for a new position. She filed a formal complaint, claiming the because of their discriminatory actions, the blood center is in violation of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Lawsuit filed against employer for failure to pay overtime

Reports indicate that the number of wage theft victims in Texas and across the country continues to increase. Federal and state authorities believe they have seen an increase in the number of businesses that are accused of keeping rightful pay from employees from failure to pay overtime. Recently, people working as various warehouse personnel made a claim against their employer for the failure to pay overtime for extended hours they may have worked without compensation.

Houston man accuses former company of workplace sexual harassment

A victim of workplace sexual harassment can be male or female, any age or race and be from any economic background. A man who was previously employed by a Houston company has recently claimed to be a victim of workplace sexual harassment after experiencing questionable actions from colleagues and superiors. He has requested that he be provided restitution for a number of grievances and specific abuse he may have suffered while employed.

Texas employer settled for citizenship discrimination

A Texas business was recently accused of citizenship discrimination against some of their employees and reached a settlement with the federal government for the infraction. The Justice Department has asked the catering company to provide a fine of $26,400 for the illegal citizenship discrimination. Records claim that the catering business may have required employees who were not U.S. citizens to provide additional evidence of their ability to legally work in America.

Potential retaliation from Texas school district

When a public business is exposed for illegal or inappropriate actions, they may choose to lash out through retaliation. A Texas school district recently made the decision to terminate a successful internal investigator, apparently within hours of discovering he had filed a formal complaint against the district. The employee believes this may have been due to retaliation. Reports describe the man as the school district's top investigator and that he had been involved in specific investigations of interest.

Former Texas captain accuses chief of retaliation

Police officers and those who work with peace officers often operate under a certain level of expectation that comes from serving the public. When a person believes they have experienced retaliation due to their race from a superior with authority, they may feel angry and oppressed. A former Texas police captain recently claimed he suffered retaliation from his former boss due to potential racism.

Migrant workers sue for violation of labor, wage and hour laws

A group of migrant workers recently made the decision to file a lawsuit against a seed company for violation of labor laws concerning migrant workers and federal wage and hour laws. Many of the victims claim they suffered the inappropriate conditions and missing pay while working at a production farm located in Texas. An employee that believes wage and hour laws have been broken may seek to enforce their rights by pursuing the missing income.

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