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Texas sheriff sentenced for sexual harassment

A former Texas sheriff recently pleaded guilty to accusations of sexual harassment against a colleague. The incident occurred while he and the victim were traveling together for work-related reasons. Experiencing sexual harassment in a contained situation may leave a victim with many questions regarding his or her rights and what the next step should be.

Reports indicate that the sheriff was in the process of completing work duties at a nearby location when the situation took place. The victim was able to capture the inappropriate harassment with her phone video recorder while they were in the vehicle together. While the investigation was being completed, the man submitted his resignation as sheriff.

The former sheriff was convicted for the misdemeanor charge of official oppression for the advances he made and was sentenced to a month in jail. In addition to jail time, he was asked to complete a rational decisions class, pay a $500 violation and fulfill 30 hours of community service. A victim is not at fault for any type of harassment he or she may have experienced while at work.

Also in regard to this incident, the new sheriff and a judge were said to have retaliated against this victim as well as another, but the accused were apparently able to reach a settlement over that matter. Sexual harassment can place a Texas employee in a highly uncomfortable position, and it can be difficult to determine the best steps to take. When someone experiences unwanted sexual advances or retaliation while working, he or she may seek to expose the liable party and attempt to enforce justice.

Source:, "Ex-West Texas sheriff gets 30 days for oppression", , Aug. 19, 2014

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